OEWEG-3, Geneva, Switzerland, May 2022: Side Event on the Use of DSI and Benefit-Sharing - Technical and Scientific Aspects

The first in-person negotiations on DSI started in the context of the CBD Open-Ended Working Group on the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework. Acknowledging the divergence of views Parties committed at COP 14 to working towards resolving this divergence through a science- and policy-based process and further consultations.

The Norway - South Africa partnership is collaborating with the ABS Capacity Development Initiative to support an informal process of capacity development and exchange on Digital Sequence Information (DSI) in the intersessional process from COP 14 to COP 15. At the resumed OEWG 3 the Norway -South Africa partnership is hosted a technical side event in order to inform delegates about the state of discussion among and with stakeholders.


Panellists were:

  • Amber Scholz, Leibnitz Institute , German Collection on Microorganisms and Cell Cultures
  • Paul Oldham, One World Analytics
  • Markus Wys, DSM Neutritional Producls
  • Jennifer Tauli Corpuz, Nia Tero (IPLC NGO)  

Short summary:

Panellists explained from their specific stakeholder viewpoint how a future DSI access and benefit-sharing system could potentially look like and which features it should integrate.  All panellists did see merit in considering a multilateral approach to get to a solution on DSI governance. In this regard some promoted however a co-existence with a bilateral system on benefit sharing where the origin of the sequence is known, others panellists proposed that such a multilateral benefit sharing approach should entirely replace the bilateral benefit sharing approach of the Nagoya protocol, this covering both DSI and genetic resources

Impressions from the event: