The ABS Initiative and BioInnovation Africa at CBD COP15

About transformation, value chains, science, Digital Sequence Information (DSI) and the role of local communities

The second part of the 15th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD COP15) will take place from 7 – 19 December 2022 in Montréal, Canada. At the core of the meeting: the negotiation and – hopefully - adoption of the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework 2020 (GBF). This framework already exists as a first draft and consists of targets and pathways to protect biodiversity worldwide in the current decade and beyond.

Among other GIZ managed projects, members of the ABS Initiative and BioInnovation Africa will be on-site as observers and members of the German delegation.

Access and benefit-sharing (ABS), the 3rd objective of the Convention on Biological Diversity, is an important component of the GBF negotiations - on the one hand for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity, and on the other hand for local socio-economic development.

The contributions of the two projects at side events and in exchanges with scientific experts, organizations, representatives of indigenous people and local communities, the private sector and government representatives will take place within this thematic framework.

Below you can find a list of the side events on-site we are involved in (the links bring you to the respective information on the CBD website). Some will also be streamed live.

We hope to see you there!

Side events

Decent Work in Nature-based Solutions, an ILO-IUCN-UNEP report launch. Organized by IUCN, ILO, UNEP. 8 Dec., 4:00 pm - Side-event 1 512E. SE #4812

Benefit-sharing for conservation and sustainable use: Creating a conducive environment in public and private sectors. Session organized by BioInnovation Africa. 9 Dec., 12:00 pm – 12:45pm - Business and Finance Hub Space in the CBD COP15 Action Zone (Place Quebec).

Addressing the ABS challenges of the GBF: On what can we build? What should be done better? Organized by the ABS Capacity Development Initiative. 9 Dec., 1:15 pm - Side Event 1, 512e. SE #4319

What does transformative ambition of the post-2020 GBF look like? Organized by UFZ – Centre for Environmental Research. 9 Dec., 4:00 pm - Side-event 2 512F. SE #4899

Victories and lessons from Africa: Using BCPs to advance ABS for communities and biodiversity. Organized by ABS Initiative & Natural Justice. 10 Dec., 1:15 pm - Gagligon, 514C. SE #5033

Building a sustainable bio-economy through biodiversity-based research and innovation. Organized by International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). 10 Dec., 1:15 pm - Side-event 2 512F. SE #4962

Connectivité écologique des paysages transfrontaliers prioritaires en Afrique de l'Ouest et Accès aux ressources génétiques. Organized by GIZ. 10 Dec., 6:15pm - Shilin 514B SE #4708

What can capacity building for digital sequence information offer? Part of Firth Science Policy Forum for Biodiversity. 12 Dec., 9:00pm - rooms 516c & 516D/E. Science4biodiversity