Launch of the ABS Contract Tool 3.0

Launch of the ABS contract tool

How to use this tool

The tool looks closely at three elements for developing an understanding of ABS contracts. It breaks down the ABS contract into fundamental topics or clauses and for each introduces:

  1. A discussion of the rationale behind each clause;
  2. Suggestions for contractual language; and
  3. Core questions that the drafter must reflect on when adapting the clause to the specific situation.

Clause topics

The tool covers more than thirty contract-relevant topics with regards to aspects concerning the contract parties, material transferred under ABS contracts, property right aspects, the use and benefit-sharing obligations therefrom and general rules.

The ABS Contract Tool also serves as the handbook for the ABS contract trainings which is offered by the ABS Initiative at national and regional level. Please reach out to us for questions or feedback.

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