Sustainable Farming and Collecting

Support offered by BioInnovation Africa

The BioInnovation Africa Project works closely with the Union for Ethical Biotrade (UEBT) to promote sustainable cultivation and collection practices based on the UEBT Standard. The UEBT standard consists of seven principles covering important social, environmental and economic issues, based on the BioTrade Principles and Criteria developed by the UNCTAD Biotrade Initiative. The project promotes commitment to and adherence with this Standard in all its partnership projects. On the ground, the project works together with farmers and collectors in the sourcing areas to promote more sustainable practices and to contribute to conservation and reforestation in the areas concerned. BIA supports activities such as trainings on sustainable cultivation practices, establishing tree nurseries and conducing resource assessments.

Together with its partner UEBT, the project supports local suppliers in defining concrete practices for the sustainable use and conservation of biodiversity through the development and implementation of Biodiversity Action Plans.

Support offered by abiosa

ABioSA provided financial support to selected SMEs for activities and projects that specifically aimed at promoting sustainable farming and wild collection. The supported SMEs work with different resources such as Kalahari melon, Honeybush and Diya Root.