Where we work

This section gives an overview of our partner countries and regions. It outlines the three projects’ objectives, activities and achievements at a local and national level and gives an overview of the status quo of ABS implementation and biotrade in value chains in the respective countries and regions.

The ABS Capacity Development Initiative, ABS compliant Biotrade in Southern Africa (ABioSA) and BioInnovation Africa (BIA) all work with different countries, with their own set of objectives and activities in each partner country and region. The aim is to assist the implementation of the Nagoya Protocol at a national level, to establish and strengthen biotrade value chains of different indigenous species and to support European-African business partnerships contributing to biodiversity-based products and innovations.

Whilst every project has its own approach, our teams put emphasis on complementarity, which includes concrete joint implementation, sharing experiences and learnings on a regular basis and facilitating exchanges across countries. Our ultimate goal is to trigger impact on the ground contributing to both conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and socio-economic development. 

Together with our partners, we carry out activities that reflect the different focuses and target groups of the projects and respond to the partner countries’ needs. The results and experiences also benefit related processes in other than our partner countries. Our activities are embedded in the specific local and national contexts, and include regular cooperation and exchanges with political decision-makers, representatives from businesses in Africa and Europe, legal practitioners and indigenous peoples and local communities (IPLCs).

To learn more about our partners and target groups, the status quo of ABS and biotrade in value chains, as well the contributions of the three projects in the respective country and/or region, click on the list to the right.

Where we Work