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DSI Reflection Webinar: Preparing for the CBD negotiations on DSI

After a series of webinars (two Global and regional webinars based on time zones of Asia/Pacific, Africa/Europe and the Americas) we finished with a reflection webinar, where areas of convergence and divergence were identified and points of further consideration were presented and discussed.

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Digital Sequence Information on Genetic Resources

Digital Sequence Information (DSI) and Policy

The Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity offered a global webinar series and online discussion forum to share information related to DSI, in collaboration with the ABS Capacity Development Initiative. 

This series is informal and not part of the formal process.  It is organized by the co-chairs of the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework with the support of the Secretariat to facilitate broader understanding and exchange of ideas among parties and stakeholders. 

This webinar series aims to foster a common understanding of DSI and its importance and linkages to:

  • the Convention, 
  • the Nagoya Protocol, and
  • the Sustainable Development Goals.

This webinar series is open to everyone interested in understanding how DSI is being addressed under the CBD, in preparation for the third meeting of the Open-ended Working Group on the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework.


Webinar 1: Understanding DSI - This webinar focused on the exchange of technical information regarding DSI. It did not serve as a platform for negotiations, or understanding different views or questions related to the scope of DSI or regulatory options.

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Webinar 2: DSI under the CBD - Process and recent outcomes related to DSI on genetic resources under the CBD.


Webinar 3: Policy Options for ABS and DSI - This webinar presented different policy options for access and benefit-sharing and DSI on genetic resources emerging from various studies and dialogues, being proposed by different actors and stakeholders.


Webinar4: Reflection on the co-chairs panel - At CBD COP 14, Parties committed to working towards resolving their divergence of views regarding benefit- sharing from the use of DSI on genetic resources. To broaden and deepen the science- and policy-based process around this topic, the ABS Capacity Development Initiative has organized a reflection webinar on 24 March 2021 to discuss potential criteria for assessing DSI policy options, among other topics.

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Synthesis report of the webinar: 


Technical Webinars on DSI

This series of webinars focuses on technical aspects of digital sequence information (DSI) and aims to support the science-policy process agreed at CBD CoP 14.

Webinar 1: The Role of IPLCs and associated traditional knowledge in the DSI debate - The objective of this technical DSI webinar was to make everyone aware of how key DSI issues are relevant for and affect indigenous peoples and local communities (IPLCs) and traditional knowledge. The current science- and policy-based process on DSI under the CBD did not yet specifically address this important topic.

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Webinar report:



Webinar 2: Assessing capacity development needs for the use of DSI - The general importance of developing additional technical, human and institutional capacity, especially in developing countries, to generate and use digital sequence information is widely acknowledged in the discussions around DSI. But what would this mean in practice? Who will provide it, who will receive it, who will pay for it? How does this relate to wider capacity development and technology transfer measures under the CBD and its Protocols? And what role can capacity development play in sharing the benefits arising from the use of DSI? All these questoins are addressed in the webinar recorded above. 

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Webinar report:



Webinar 3: Contribution of DSI in the  development of commercial applications - One of the key topics in the international discussions around DSI is sharing the benefits of commercial utilization and products based on DSI. To increase common understanding the webinar looked at ways in which DSI is accessed and used for commercial purposes, discussed the intellectual property aspects of commercial DSI use, and examined potential benefit sharing options for specific examples of products using DSI.

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Webinar 4: Webinar on the interplay between Open Science, open access to data, database terms and conditions, and potential options for tracking and tracing

The first formal discussions on DSI in the context of the Post2020 Global Biodiversity Framework took place at OEWG 3.1 and will be continued by the Co-chairs’ Informal Advisory Group on DSI (DSI IAG) before the face-to-face negotiations planned for Geneva in January 2022. At this stage one of the main divergences appears to be between those who value open access to DSI above all else, and those who believe that ensuring benefit sharing from the use of DSI would require terms and conditions (T&Cs) and/or tracking and tracing of DSI use (e.g. through metadata tags identifying the provider country and/or IPLCs holding aTK). To resolve this divergence, this webinar serves as a factual and open exchange of views on the feasibility, practicalities, costs, benefits and legal implications of following either of these approaches, including whether and where a possible middle ground could be found.

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Mapping and fostering the implementation of the Nagoya Protocol in Africa

Webinar 1: Introduction and overall options to implement ABS.

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Webinar 2: How to get started.

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Webinar 3: Choice of suitable legal instruments

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Webinar 4: Special considerations and relevant permits

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Webinar 5: Expeditious access in case of emergencies


Presentation 1: In this presentation, Programme officer in Madagascar, Jazzy Rasolojaona, discusses what Access and Benefit sharing entails. Please note that this presentation is in French.


Presentation 2: In this presentation, Programme officer in Kenya, Maryama Farah, presents a case study on the Endorois Indigenous People in Kenya and their community protocol.


Presentation 3: Case Study of Khoikhoi Rooibos Biocultural Community Protocol, with Sobantu Mzwakali


Presentation 4: Community Protocols and Access and Benefit Sharing with Barbara Lassen. Please note that this presentation is in French. 


Presentation 5: Using and Implementing Community Protocols, with Jazzy Rasolojaona (FR/ENG) Please not that the presentation is in French and the slides are in English.


Presentation 6: The Lake Bogoria Management Plan of the Endorois, with Maryama Farah

Presentation 7: Using Community Protocols for Access & Benefit Sharing, Jazzy Rasolojaona. Please note that the presentation is in French and the slides are in English. 

Presentation 8: In this presentation, Senegal Hub Director, Barbara Lassen, discusses how you ensure that you can provide long term support for Community Protocols. 


Lusophone Webinar Series

Em resposta aos reiterados pedidos dos Pontos Focais Nacionais em Acesso e Partilha de Benefícios - APB dos países lusófonos da África, a Iniciativa ABS lançou uma série de webinars  para discutir e trocar experiências entre representantes de governo e os demais interessados de países africanos lusófonos em matéria de APB. Foram planejadas cinco sessões (4 em 2021 e 1 em 2022) e os conteúdos foram desenvolvidos com base no feedback e nas necessidades expressas pelas partes interessadas participantes.

In response to the repeated request of Lusophone ABS NFPs, the ABS Initiative started a webinar series to discuss and exchange experiences among government representatives, and other stakeholders from African Lusophone countries. Five sessions were planned (4 in 2021 and 1 in 2022) and content was developed based on feedback and needs expressed by participating stakeholders.


Webinar 1: "Introduction to ABS“ - Instruments, responsibilities and stakeholders involvement (25 February 2021) 


Webinar 2: "Implementation options"- ABS instruments; Prior Informed Consent - PIC; Mutually Agreed Terms - MAT (17 June 2021) 


Webinar 3: "National Experiences“ - South Africa, Mozambique and Brazil's experiences in implementing ABS (26 August 2021) 

Pacific Webinar Series

First Pacific ABS Webinar: Implementation of Basic Provisions of Access and Benefit-Sharing in the Pacific - The Case of Bioprospecting


Second Pacific ABS Webinar


Third Pacific ABS Webinar: 10th year anniversary of the Nagoya Protocol


Fourth Pacific ABS Webinar: Prior Informed Consent (PIC) and Mutually Agreed Terms (MAT)