Partners and Target Groups

Bio Innovation Africa

Political partner


Implementing partners

  • GIZ ProFE
  • Guide d’Espoir (NGO)
  • Appui à l'Auto Promotion de la Femme de Boumba et Ngoko (NGO)
  • Coopérative Vert de Lomié, Centre Vert de Lomié (Cooperative)
  • CASuDev (NGO)

Private sector 

  • European companies from the following industries:
  • flavour and fragrance
  • cosmetics
  • pharmaceutical
  • nutraceutical
  • food and beverage industry 

ABS Capacity Development Initiative 

Political partners

Implementing partners

  • Local communities in rural Cameroon (collectors, user and harvest groups),  
  • Cooperatives and local processors

More information on the ABS-relevant stakeholder groups here.