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ABS Capacity Development Initiative - partner country

04/2015 – 12/2025 (support through local subsidies already started in 2012)

Since the end of 2022, cooperation with our partner country Benin has focused on support on-demand. Benin representatives are regularly invited to events organized by the ABS Initiative and its partners.

Why Benin?

Benin was among the first four countries to be selected when the ABS Initiative started working with partner countries in 2015. In fact, a collaboration with this small West African country had already been established several years earlier, when Benin had asked for support in the development of its national ABS strategy. This early work was accompanied by further activities preparing the ground for the development of a national ABS framework, such as awareness-raising among decision makers and pilot activities for the development of a community protocol. Acknowledging these ongoing activities and the overall political momentum, the ABS Initiative’s steering committee agreed to intensify the support to Benin in the frame of a partner country collaboration.


The overall aim of the ABS Capacity Development Initiative’s work in Benin is to support the implementation of the Nagoya Protocol in all its dimensions.