BioInnovation Africa


BioInnovation Africa Technical Webinar Series

Webinar 1: BioInnovation Africa Inception Meeting

Webinar 2: Online Tools for ABS Applications, Permits and Monitoring of Genetic Resource Utilization

Webinar 3: The Missing Link: Embedding conservation and sustainable use in biotrade and bioprospecting

Webinar 4: The relevance of international BioTrade standards an insight into the UEBT Ethical BioTrade standard

Webinar 5: Introduction into the valorization of biological and genetic resources

Webinar 6: Learning about BioInnovation Africa's value chains

Webinar 7: Connecting the dots Conservation, Access and Benefit Sharing

Webinar 8: Communicating ABS How BIA can support the elaboration of manuals and visualisations

Webinar 9: Business and biodiversity: Trends and opportunities for ABS


Webinar 10: BIA Training Package on negotiating and drafting of Mutually Agreed Terms